Why is the 3D Perform Hijab the best sports veil on the market 

Two years ago, we got together with the Kamak team to discuss the urgent needs in modest sportswear. What is THE most useful product, the one that will change the way most hijabi women play sports? 

The sports hijab. 

In 2020, the only sports veils on the market were far from adequate.We were told time and time again: 

“They’re too ugly, I really look like an egg with it.”

“I prefer to wear my everyday veil, at least I know it fits me”.

“It’s too tight around my neck, way too uncomfortable”. 

There is no question asked, the sports veils on the market do not meet our expectations, nor the expectations of the athletes we work with. 

Why is that? Easy: the product was not designed by women who wear the veil or play sports with it. How can you understand the subtleties of the product when you have no idea what it’s like to do sports in a hijab? 

It’s mission impossible. 

So we set to work. Our goal: create the most aesthetically pleasing and comfortable sports hijab on the market.  

Step 1: a futuristic moodboard

A moodboard is a board that brings together the vibe and universe in which you want to set up a product. It’s a guide.

For us, it was a no-brainer – we wanted to offer a different vision of the general idea that the veil is old-fashioned. Retrograde. Some would even say degrading. 

Que nenni. 

The hijab is a garment that fits today’s needs and aesthetic codes the same way other garments do. The futuristic world of our sports veil is a good way to convey this idea and make it clear: it is made and adapted to the needs of the women of today. 

Step 2: Innovative design 

The design is ergonomic and includes several unique elements: 

The result? 

Secure fit, volume and comfort. 

What more can we ask for?

Step 3: High-tech materials 

The perfect design must be complemented by the perfect textile. It’s the bare minimum. 

We did a lot of research into materials to try and find THE fabric that meets all the needs of hijabi women. In short, it has to be: 

After months of research, we found the Holy Grail: 

An ultra-light, micro-ventilated mesh fabric that allows for good moisture management while still being opaque. 

And the best part?

It’s made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

Step 4: The production challenge

Producing such a technical accessory is very complicated. We had to go through three different production sites before finding the factory that understood all of our expectations. 

Prototype after prototype, test after test, we finally found THE partner who really knew how to integrate the different subtleties of the 3D Perform Hijab. 

It was a long process, but so worth it! 

Because today, we are extremely happy and proud to be able to introduce the most comfortable sports hijab to the market. 

The sport hijab that combines innovation, aesthetics and eco-responsibility. 

The sport hijab that will transform your performance. 

Buy it today! 

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