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The sports hijab that will transform your performance

With its innovative design and ultra-light, breathable material, doing sports in a hijab has never been this comfortable

Comfort for your performance.

We all know it, finding the right sports hijab is a very difficult quest. 

Most of the time, you have two choices:

  • Sports hijabs available today make you look like an egg


  • your daily hijab – that you love – needs to be readjusted every 3 movements, makes you sweat excessively and restricts your movement

The result? Your sports session is more of a headache than bliss. It’s frustrating and rather demotivating.

At Kamak, we understand very well what you are going through – we are hijab-wearing sports women too!

And we decided to take matters into our own hands. After more than a year of hard work, working with several factories and developing different versions tested by experienced athletes, we designed THE sports hijab, the 3D Perform Hijab;

  • a technology made from a mesh fabric, opaque, micro-ventilated and very light-weight, which allows the efficient evacuation of sweat and heat, keeping your hair dry
  • a flexible and adjustable design adaptive to your face, that ensures an excellent fit.
  • details and seams that create volume, for an aesthetic look. No more egg-shaped heads.

Obviously, it is made sustainably. Our mesh is 100% recycled fabric, made from recycled plastic bottles.

When is it coming out?

Very soon, and in limited numbers.

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Soon you’ll be able to get on with your sport, confident, motivated AND comfortable – everything you need to reach your full potential! 

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