A Woman Captain in Egypt

Do you remember the movie “Bend it like Bekham”?

The comedy, released in 2002, tells the story of Jess, a young woman from India hiding her passion for football from her conservative family.

Already at the time, Woman and Football did not seem to be a good pair in many (narrow-minded) people. Apparently, David sounds better than Victoria on the field.

18 years later, and a couple of gender revolutions along the way, the world has and continues to change.  Proof: Faiza Heidar, former captain of the Egyptian national team, has been entrusted with leading the Ideal Glodi, a men’s club based in Giza (Egypt).

Moreover, in a country where ball games are often practised exclusively by men, it is a very first to have a woman has been appointed head of a men’s team. Former captain of the Egyptian national team, Faiza Heidar has joined the fourth division. This warrior made history again by obtaining the “Premier Skills Coach Educator Status”, an official skills document awarded by the Premier League (English football championship).

An example for many women, in Egypt and elsewhere. Despite what people may say, evidence and experience has shown that men can learn from women. Intelligence has no gender and it nourishes those who are willing to accept it and make good use of it. This appointment marks a new direction for women’s football and its development in Egypt.

At Kamak we applaud this journey, which shows that everyone can be a master of their own destiny by choosing to push back their limits and those of society. Today, YOU decide what you want to be and it is in this sense that your individuality will make the difference in a world that sometimes settles for clichés packed in bags of outdated ideas.

It’s fresh and it’s true: the best is yet to come for the future women who decide to blossom.

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