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As you know, Kamak encourages you to explore your strength, especially in the practice of sports. Walking, studying carefully, but also recognizing and observing how to make good use of one’s body.

What about the mind in all this? Perception, affectivity, thought, intuition, and the list goes on. What about combining the physical with the mental.

This is where sport comes to play.

By definition, sport is a physical activity carried out in the sense of effort and play. It is carried out with methodical approach and the respect of certain play rules.

Nowadays, most of the focus is put into working the muscles, pushing them further and further. The reward culture has taken root in our minds, repeating its famous saying “no pain, no gain”. Comfort only comes after the effort. You need to deserve to rest. You need to suffer before cooling off.

Going from the body to the mind takes only a step. That step opens a new field of possibilities, allowing us to explore into untapped forces. Today, there’s some new sports practices that aim at the harmony between body and mind. Those appeal particularly to our spirit, balance and sense of rhythm.

Here’s a little review on those experiences, situated halfway between well-being and fitness – but all in music.

The Pound Experience

Also called “good mood” sport, this concept was born in the United States ten years ago. The only rule is to have fun. How? By beating to the beat of frenzied rock’n’roll music. The aim of the game is to strengthen your muscles while pounding the earth to catchy melodies. “Tapping the ground is a great cardio, and you can burn up to 900 calories per session”, says coach Florian Tartinville. On the equipment side? Only a pair of ripstix, the magic wands that will make your heart beat! Ready to fall in love with this discipline?  

Fit & Sense

Developed by former top sportsman Cédric Ovide-Etienne, it intertwines music and movement. Throughout the session, the body is constantly activated and rocked by music. No moving, no impact or jumping. What do we do, then ? The essential here lies in letting go under a musical net. Squats, lunges and pumps in slow motion: “By concentrating on one’s own feelings our own gestures, we are present and in a full state of consciousness”.  

The Class

What if personal development and fitness meet? The result would be The Class. Available online, embark on a journey focused on spiritual fitness. According to the founder Taryn Toomey, it is a joyful blend of yoga and mindset, going hand in hand with energy and finishing it off with a BootCamp like effort. With the dawn of spring, it’s the perfect spring-cleaning workout with a well-chosen playlist: 60 minutes of pure happiness that combines relaxation, well-being, but also strengthening and…de-stressing.

Which practice would you like to try! Exploring one’s strength is also, and above all, getting out of one’s comfort zone. A way to cultivate love between body and mind: #couplegoal before #bodygoal. See you soon for an upcoming article!


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