Dancing with Jeannine Fischer

The contours of dance often blend between art and sports. Both a captivating and demanding discipline, dance gives you that illusion of “ease” when watching the masters perform their craft. In this artistic vagueness, one retains the desire to express a message, an emotion, by executing a series of gestures. As we all know, art depends on judgment, and that judgement can be a bit harsh at times. This makes dancing in public, for the poets and artists in us, embarrassing and “dangerous”. And as we take on dancing, we at Kamak would like to introduce you to a dance school completely of the ordinary.

A little note for all of you

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Let’s get back to dancing

Jeannine Fischer is a French-Cameroonian choreographer based in the north of France. In 2014, she opens Waka Waka Dance Academy, a school dedicated to Afro-Urban dances. Her project was born out because of a lack of ardour, enthusiasm and a sense of sharing with others within the discipline. Of course, when you dance, you mainly dance for yourself. However, doing it with and for others is a special kick!

After 10 years of training in traditional dances, Jeannine has turned to modern practices of the Afro urban currents.

In this establishment placed under the aegis of “enjaillement” (or dancing with happy recklessness), as its founder would say. Ten different styles are performed: urban dances from West and Central Africa, through the Caribbean and Brazil, all sprinkled with frenzied music on jerky rhythms that thrill people of all ages! A joyful mix of well-being and letting go in joy, good mood and above all acceptance of the other person with his or her individuality. A central value: self-esteem. “By participating in a class, you reconnect with the energy of the earth, you dance with your heart to free your body and mind. It’s also about recreating the social bond…”.

There is a will to transmit the history of the steps in order to reproduce the festive and free state of mind emanating from the gestures. A journey into the life situations that gave birth to the tradition of these popular dances while settling into the modern social reality of today. “Born in Paris, I lived in Cameroon for more than 10 years and wanted to broaden this very ethno-centric vision that one can have outside of Africa, and approach an image of this modern Africa, full of life. I’m lucky to have travelled since I was very young and to be able to free myself from the shackles. There’s a real creative avant-garde bubbling in Africa that we’re not sufficiently aware of in Europe. »

More than just a school, Waka Waka Dance Academy also organizes masterclasses, workshops, conferences, cultural trips and even a festival of Afro urban dances.

Afro dances are distinguished by their history.

Created in the street, they echo a social reality. Each movement wants to be the voice of the people. Much more than silent poetry, today dance expresses everything that words cannot say. Beautiful projects such as Jeannine Fischer’s invite us to see dance differently, through an unequivocal history and creativity.

Because dancing must above all be a pleasure for the body and mind, Kamak invites you to move with simplicity and confidence in your abilities! Promise, you will not be filmed 😉

See you soon for a new article!

Waka Waka Dance Academy: https://wwda.wawalasso.fr

Women Sports Africa: https://www.womensports.fr/women-sports-africa/



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