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The month of September fired its last shots and, with it, some of the troops’ energy. The sun has decided to take a holiday and is taking with it the few degrees that kept us hanging on to this very special summer. It’s back to school. New start, new hopes.

Where to start?

Friendship, love, money, career, family, health, culture… you name it. Us humans need a full assessment of our skills and wants, to convince ourselves of our (sometimes obsolete) control and power over our own desires and capabilities.

Overall assessment: Emotional recovery position

Used first and foremost as a first aid gesture, we extend it here to our emotions. Anaesthetise them by practicing activities that demand your focus on the “now”, and let you postpone the future and leave the ruminations of the past behind you. Avoidance? Imposter syndrome? Escapism? It doesn’t matter, as long as it allows us to take an emotional break, we take everything.

What if we spoke a different language?

What about leaving your boxing gloves aside, and try out the downward facing dog position? It may help you see life from a different perspective.

NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a communication technique that improves the way we perceive ourselves and others. By using our resources and our different senses, we can focus more on our reactions rather than on the origin of our behaviour. Action, reaction: setting goals and achieving them.

You will need: language (your communication skills), your body and the five senses.  

How do we do it?

Neuro: includes the nerve cells present in the nervous system (those little things that sometimes seem useless as long as you feel you are not moving forward).

Linguistics: The language that expresses our way of thinking.

Programming: Setting up ways of thinking that can be adapted to different life situations. 


First thought: “I think I’m too fat”.

Concrete objective: Lose weight

Positive rewording: “I want to get back into shape and be healthy”.

Put some sense to it (START WITH WHY): “To feel better in my head and body”. 

It is a question of specifying a basic desire to ensure that it really echoes a goal that deserves to be achieved.

The power of words is undeniable. We are in constant conversation with ourselves. True 21st century schizophrenics. Social networks materialise our paradoxes and bring us face to face with the results of a life we did not want. We have the power to choose how we think, see, feel, hear, receive and live.  Here is the blacklist of mechanisms to avoid:

Negative expectations

“What if…” STOP it was going well!

“Always” and “never”.

These everyday lies will turn anyone into a DRAMA QUEEN!

“When she takes me in her arms…I see life in black”

Anxiety imposes glasses of negativity on us. It’s time to take them off.

With this article, Kamak invites you to take care of yourself through your thoughts. Speak to yourself as if you were your best friend (and you are). An inner child who only wants to be reassured. Thought is a muscle to work on and requires discipline! So stop moping and start the countdown: action, reaction.

3, 2, 1: LIVE! 

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