In Me(me), I trust

Hello everyone!

Kamak team comes back to you today with an important question:

“How are you doing?”

Let’s face it: the world is not in a great shape, making us almost forget how that earth is round.

With the economy in turmoil, the environment in turmoil, the media and social networks in turmoil, we have to admit that the world’s current climate is not so good.

What can we do about it?

Is happiness an individual or a collective responsibility? Patience, we have an upcoming podcast on the subject. In the meantime, we invite you to breathe out loudly, and dust off the mental load that is clouding our overheated brains.

To do so, here are a few memes (according to our friend Wiki: elements or a phenomenon that is taken up and declined en masse on the Internet) to consume without moderation and with a good dose of humour:

Proof that society is not ready for a beauty like mine. More seriously, it’s all a matter of perspective. Our quality of life depends on the questions we ask ourselves. In this case, a questioning can be healthy when it does not preach for the parish a programmed self-destruction and mockery.

This is a tribute to the famous hymn sung by the one and only Mariah, who get in our heads every year with her “All I want for Christmas is you“. For the moment we are quite in agreement. For lack of having been able to do what we wanted in 2020, this year will have allowed us to understand what we really want (or not).

A slightly lighter article in a time period heavy with meaning. It’s important to be able to allow us to breathe, in order to take some distance and refocus on the now. There is no point in trying to save the world if your own lifeguard is missing. We invite you to push the limits of your creativity by investing your energy in your own personal enterprise. The one that starts each day with the goal of making you smile, whether on the outside, or the inside.

See you soon for a new article!

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