Our garments are armours serving the warrior women wearing them.


More comfort, better performances

The choice to cover your body should not be a barrier in your life. Kamak stands at odds with the status quo that implies performance is only possible with tight or short clothing. Like an armour, your Kamak outfit is here to help you maximise your potential!

We are committed to providing you with innovative textiles, covering and timeless cuts, so you can focus what’s most important:  your performance.



Satisfied with the quality and comfort of our clothes.

Ethical and sustainable production

We cannot be champions of women rights and promote the emancipation and development of women athlete while producing our sportswear on the back of poor families and women. That would be totally hypocritical and a complete betrayal of the women’s cause.

We have taken the firm decision to source, produce and assemble our textiles  with trusted partners ONLY, following the ethical production standards recognised by the European Union.

In addition to our social commitment with our partners and producers, we also position ourselves in an sustainable production approach, minimising packaging and advocating minimalism throughout our entire line – from our business strategy to the designs of our pieces.

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A thread to you

Sourcing and treating the yarn

Sportswear textile are mainly made from synthetic material, usually nylon and elastane. The fibre we require to make our garments is sourced through our main partner in Italy, in 6 countries:  Italy, Germany, Spain, Japan, South Korea and India. Our Italian manufacturer takes all that material and weaves it into fabrics.

The fabric is then brushed and dyed before going through strict quality control.

Kamak production

Our clothes are made in Turkey before landing in your mailbox.

We had the opportunity to visit the production facilities, and verified that all European standards are met, for both the workers – decent wages, regular breaks, paid holidays, safe and healthy premises, and working hours not exceeding the maximum specified in the industry, as well as for the environment – especially regarding waste management.

Our fabrics are certified and guarantee respect for both the workers and the environment

All our partners and subcontractors are certified:

  • ISO 14001 and Oeko-tex: guaranteeing the absence of toxic products for the body and the environment.
  • Bluedesign: guarantees environmentally friendly textile processing methods.
  • SA8000: ensuring the respect and protection of workers