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Welcome back for a new article! What a surprising way to start. But giving you, our beloved reader, a warm welcome is the least we can do! Not only it is a matter of custom, but let’s not forget that every action leads to consequences. Nothing, really, happens by chance. However, not all the cards are in our hands. That’s why, today, we’re talking about KARMA.

K what?

According to our buddy Wiki, Karma refers to the essential belief, from Hinduism and Buddhism, according to which the destiny of a conscious living being is determined by all of his past actions lives. A cause-and-effect relationship, which would clearly pay off.

Each of us has already experienced events that don’t really seem to be happening by chance, like it was written in advance. A law defining each and every one of us.

Even if we have to endure a destiny created by our conscious or unconscious acts, we might as well put it into perspective through the prism of collective humour! It’s well known, the more the merrier, and that, TikTok understood it very well by allowing creators to share their stories with millions of likeminded users.  

We have selected 3 TikToks that remind us that life can actually really be a bitch, but that we love it anyway:

Sometimes karma is embodied in the offspring. Children are gifts of life… but are they really?  

After a good day’s work, you can always make sure your pet will welcome you with open arms.


Omg! Credit: 394th Judicial District / David Gardner on Twitter #cat #cats #funny #zoom #omg #how

♬ original sound – Daily Mail

A fairly explicit illustration of what happens when you think you are in control of your life.

Because we have the strength to laugh at everything, let’s use this tool to face karma. It can certainly bring a great influence on our lives! Share your best anecdotes with us using the hashtag #KarmaKamak. This way, we can laugh together and get us together!

See you soon for an upcoming article! 

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