My vision on paper

Zeynab, DA and professional moodboarder

New Year usually means a new ambiance. Starting off on the right foot by laying the foundations of a new decor that suits us. There are so many tools out there to use in order to materialise your world and ideas. The visionboard is one of them. Today, our artistic director Zeynab reveals her tricks to use this very particular expression tool.

My mood on a board?

To make a visionboard is to gather your desires, projects and inspirations and bring them to life through creative channels. Artistically speaking, it is about putting your ideas on paper, starting most of the time within an A4 format.

The powers of visualisation

To visualise is to realise. Or at least, this is what several studies have shown. It is well known that writing down one’s objectives and constantly referring to them is encouraging to take the lead and set up the different actions that will get us, we all hope, to live our dream life.  Visualisation is an even more emotional way of doing this connection, by incorporating images that speak to our soul, that touch us in a deeper way than words. As the saying goes: “a picture is worth a thousand words”, so the visionboard is a little hack we use to get to where we want to be.

Is it an essential?

The importance is dependent on the artist. It can be used to feed a concept under construction and/or to relieve the brain of its creative implosion. Basically, it is a method to channel novelty. After finalisation, the visionboard becomes a real guide in the continuation of the creative process. A kind of controller of the finished work, overseeing all the executions of the project. A reassuring framework for moving forward.

How do you fill in the blank page?

There’s no magic formula. Inspiration is capricious and finds you whenever it wants. You have to let yourself be carried away by your sensitivity and be attentive to the signs of the slightest ideational impulse. Sit down in a café and take it easy. Even if it means provoking destiny by brainstorming on a piece of paper. No rules. Your time will be the right one.

Where can you find the contents?

Magazines, internet, Google, Pinterest,…THE WORLD is an inspirational factory. Everything around you is likely to be represented. There are no limits to creating your myth. 

How do you organise your ideas?

It all depends on your own vision and your eye for detail. This is where the wealth of creative fields lies in. Nothing is the same and everything is constantly changing in the image of the people who live in this environment.

The best visionboards?

Those made by and for your own soul. From a sparkle of inspiration can emerge a field of success. The only watchword: trust – in yourself and in your project.

A platform?

Pinterest. A bottomless well of inspiration and a real ping pong between what’s going on in our heads and the creative algorithm. An endless dialogue!

With this last article for 2020, Kamak team wishes you a wonderful holiday season and a year rich in explorations of your creative potential!

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