Presales Guide

Kamak operates on a pre-sales basis, which means that we only produce what our customers buy during our pre-sales period. We still produce about 5 to 10% more clothes, to make up for exchanges if needed.

There is a good news, and a bad news. Or rather there are three good news and two bad news to this system.

The bad news is that you can’t receive your order right away. But as the old saying goes: patience is a virtue, isn’t it? Secondly, some pieces can be purchased outside of the pre-sales period, but this is in the limits of available stock, and at a higher price.

Here are the breakdown of the prices, which will apply after the pre-sales period:

  1. Long-sleeved t-shirt will be 89.90
  2. Trousers will be 79.90
  3. 3/4 length t-shirt will be 69.90
  4. Leggings will be 59.90
  5. Tank top will be 49.90

The 1st good news is that you are contributing to a system that limits as much waste as possible. And yes, thanks to this, production corresponds to the demand.

The second piece of good news is that you are also contributing to the development of a company that suits your values. Have we forgotten that our wallets are way more powerful than our votes?

Starting a production costs money: you have to buy the textile and pay for the production before it is available for sale. Pre-sales allow us to find the financial means to start our production, in accordance with our values.

This is how we work: we develop a design and submit it to you. With your feedback, we improve it so that it matches your needs and demands. Then, we launch the pre-sales period. During that period, you will buy the pieces of your choice, and we will use that money to get the production machine going.

In fact, you are an integral part of the company’s success. We create and develop the company together.

The 3rd good news is that you benefit from a special price during pre-sales! Patience does indeed pay off ;-).

So, what pieces are you going to order?