I’m a woman. More specifically, a female gendered adult human being.  Before this more or less definitive stage, I was called a “girl”, describing my young age and thus the transitional stage (also known as a “work in progress”, “glow up still missing”, “let’s keep hoping for that glow”). Technically speaking, my genes contain two X chromosomes on the twenty-third pair, while my neighbor, crowned King of testosterone, rocks an XY duo.

So far, I’ve been pretty general. Nevertheless, you can imagine that there are as many characteristics that define me as there are women on Earth. Like everyone else, I am looking for my place and I build my individuality through what I like and don’t like.

Here are some daily examples:

My body, my old friend, that old chap.

Day and night, we are told: to eat 5 fruits and veggies a day, and to get moving. “Eat it, move it”. In fact, the principle is quite easy to include in our lifestyle.

A little clarification about me: do you remember how characteristics are different from one woman to another? Well, description-wise, it is important to note that I have chosen to wear a headscarf, and therefore it is important for me to wear clothes that are aligned with my values. This concept is ultimately similar to that of a multi-option car. I made this choice because I personally find that I feel and drive better on the highway of life while wearing my headscarf.

Let’s get back to our routine.

Key element: create an active lifestyle. First step: choose an activity. Step two: Find the right outfit. Oopsy, that’s going to be harder than expected.  

In the sportswear market, I may scroll with a clear idea of what I am looking for, but if I want something “stylish”, I often have to go for something short and tight. Very nice, but just not for me. What’s left for me are the kind of clothes converted into a way too large, way too pyjama-like sportswear. Not a good idea either.

Ok, but what do I want ?

I prefer comfort above all else, but I also need to feel beautiful. This is a crucial element.

In reality, it is often difficult to match my outfit with my morals:

“…too heavy”, “…too many layers”, “…not wide enough”, “…not long enough”, “…too tight”, “…too hot”. I go from one extreme to another, without finding the right balance. Result? If I don’t feel good in it, I won’t find the motivation to move it, move it. Get me?  

Finally, why shouldn’t oversize sportswear rise to the norm? Today, nothing is created, everything is transformed. Our society is constantly changing, and this movement is an opportunity for everyone to find their place. That happens not only by adapting to the trends, but most importantly by adapting the trends to them. Existence is about compromise and balance. Open-mindedness is essential, but there comes a time when we feel completely out of breath. We run after trends and fashion that do not suit us. What should we do then? Quit? Stop exercising? Get active despite being extremely uncomfortable in our skin?  

Today, I have chosen not to change my expectations based on what is available. I chose to be me, always and forever, helped with the right outfit. L’Oréal would say I’m worth it, I’d say I’m more than worth it!

I want to be able to play sports without being limited by my clothes. Feeling free to move around, to have a length, without it stopping my moves. I want to sweat because of my effort, and not because of my inadequate outfit.

Being me. This is the path I chose, as a courtesy to the person I am now, and the person I am becoming.

At Kamak, we invite you to:

  • Be free to move around, everywhere you want
  • Take your rightful place in the world
  • Have clothes that are in line with your values.

Because your outfit should never be an obstacle.

My outfit, my freedom.


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