This is Serena, your Kamak copywriter, speaking to you. If we can’t really talk in person, let’s do it in spirit 😉 !

Over the last few days, my thoughts have been very much focused on social media. Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok and so on. We are sometimes, even often, present on many of them without really feeling at ease in any of them. As mere spectator of content – that may or may not be of interest to us – we spend more time scrolling through our feeds than creating and producing any kind of content.

There is a growing sense of pressure. A pressure to be “connected”, at the risk of being out of touch or out of the loop. Paradoxically and personally, the more active your copywriter is on her smartphone or other communication media, the less…alive she feels. This may seem like an extreme statement, but it expresses the generational dip in which the pen that writes to you has grown up.

Being a millennial and on the border of the Gen Z, I have lived through the birth and evolution of information and communication technologies while remaining fully aware that there was a “before”. I often feel nostalgic of the time when talking face to face was enough to govern human relations. Indeed, I sometimes feel that social networks are stealing moments from us. As if human beings are no longer able to appreciate their lives unless it is first valued through the eyes of complete strangers.

Every new phenomenon has its positive and negative aspects. Let’s not forget that social media offers great opportunities too, however it is now a matter of making good use of them and living in tune with the times.

Feeling overwhelmed by social media is perfectly normal. Constantly connected to your phone, as if it were an extension of your arm, you sometimes find yourself in need to amputate it. Leaving your phone at home, just enjoying the moment, outside, in communion with nature… a dream that can be perceived as pretty extreme, especially noting the hard withdrawal process it requires.

If the extreme is not within reach, another type of withdrawal is possible: cutting off negativity. Social media is only as good as we allow it to be and making the choice to follow the accounts and people that bring us joy is not only our responsibility, it is our duty. Breath in, breath out… and remove accounts that bring no value, or negative vibe, from your life.

Amputation will be beneficial on all fronts. And above all, don’t hesitate to delete the accounts of those high school “buddies” who have nothing to do with you anymore, and who always push you to compare yourself to them. Also delete the various influencers’ accounts that don’t bring you anything special.

Make a choice on who has a space in your life, whether it’s “real” or “virtual”. It is both your right and your responsibility.

What about you? How do you feel about social media right now?

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