The power of small acts of kindness

Everything seems harder these days. After a difficult past year, we are starting 2021 with hope, but also a lot of apprehension. Only two weeks in, and things don’t seem to be taking the right direction.

We all want to feel better, to feel more confident, to have hope and vision for the future. However, when we think about it, we usually tend to imagine some grandiose changes we could make to ourselves, the people we love, and the world.

It is all good. Big changes are great, but they usually take time, dedication and patience. Does that mean we should leave those behind and comfort ourselves in our misery? “Nay-nay, friends” (shout out to Bailey Sarian for the best “no” out there).

Kindness– the most powerful tools there is

Kindness is also known as affection, or the act of giving pleasure or relief. Often overlooked, the power of kindness is however extremely strong. To illustrate this, let’s play a little game.

Close your eyes and try to think of a very difficult situation you lived through. Try to put yourself in that situation again, emotionally. Now, try to think of the people you knew best about you and your situation at the time, and try to remember how some of them reacted towards you. What did they do? What were the things that made you appreciate them even more?

I am ready to bet quite a big deal that the first things you remembered is that hug your sister gave you when you were down, or the coffee date you went to with your BFF when you couldn’t see the end of it.

However “insignificant” these cheers can be, their power is beyond magical. The feeling we get when someone deeply understands what we are going through and genuinely cares can’t be measured.

Ok – now what?

With that realization in mind, I was hoping to start out a challenge with the Kamak Community. Despite this horrendous virus going around and keeping us locked, I think we can try to uplift each other and use the power of kindness to the community we cherish so much.

Every week, for the next 4 weeks, I would love for all of you to share a small act of kindness you received or shared. This could be anything from you giving out clothes to your local charity or helping someone with their groceries.

It is ALSO the genuine acts of kindness you do to YOURSELF. Give yourself that home spa day you deserve. Paint. Go for a walk in the forest. Anything to love yourself just a tad bit more 

Share all of it on our Facebook Group or tag us along through social media ( We really look forward to seeing you rock this challenge, and spread kindness around you

Lots of love

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