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Circularity at the heart of our identity

Produce, yes. But not at any price. 

Circularity means putting recycling at the heart of our production. Waste nothing, reuse everything. 

It is also the path of integrity that we have decided to follow.

It means that we are committed to continuously improving the processes that make up our production chain, develop environmentally friendly garments and be sustainable at every stage of their life cycle; from raw material selection, to manufacturing, logistics, distribution all the way to the customers’ use.

Our raw materials are 100% recycled - and recyclable

We are incorporating more and more ‘single-fiber’ textiles into our collections, made from recycled materials such as old plastic bottles.

Using single-fiber textiles reduces the amount of waste thrown away – as they are easily recyclable, and can hold many lives. A way of making new from old and reducing the impact on the environment.

Our textile is treated in an sustainable manner

The antibacterial, waterproof and breathable properties of sports textiles are obtained through chemical treatments. 

Our partners use processes that have no impact on either the environment or human health. They are also certified by various labels, such as Bluesign. The same applies to all of our dyeing processes.

Our local partners

From the fiber to the finished product, we work exclusively with European partners who share our values of sustainability and benefit from various sustainability labels.

Our digital creations (3D)

We develop all our designs with 3D renderings, which allows us to reduce our prototyping stages and thus reduce our energy and material consumption.

Design is political

There was a time when when we bought clothes, we thought it was just an act of consumption.

It’s about much more than that.

Our clothes are one of the most visible representations of how we experience the world. They shape the representation that others have of us, restrict or facilitate our movements by locking or freeing access to certain spaces.

Through design, we can contribute to the emancipation or oppression of many people.

We believe that the emancipation of women also goes through clothing, especially sportswear. They must be able to have a choice that allows them to experience the sports space in the most comfortable way, no matter what they decide to show with their bodies.

The current narrative around sportswear dictates that only short, close-fitting outfits are suitable and able to showcase athletic prowess. This interpretation of the performance leaves a whole section of women on the sidelines.

Our clothes are loose, feminine and designed to help you excel in your performance.

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