The lightest tank top ever.

At Kamak, we offer solutions to the problems of active women. One of these problems is the need for an extra-light, full-coverage sports garment that can be worn in various ways. 

Introducing the Tank-T, an ultra-light and versatile tank top, an essential basic for your sports wardrobe, to be worn alone or as underwear. 

Cutting-edge technology:

We chose the FreshFeel technology fabric, initially designed for high-performance cyclists, for its unique properties: 

All of this creates an essential basic for your sports wardrobe. 

Designed for versatility:

Worn underneath your favourite sports outfit or top, the Tank-T will give you extra security against all your movements. No more straight pieces with your belly or neckline showing. The Tank-T will cover you without adding discomfort.

No more too low-cut or see-through outfits, as the Tank-T also allows you to cover your cleavage and secure your sports veil without adding bulk to your outfit. 

Worn on its own, it will compliment your figure as well as your Onyx trousers for a sporty look or your favourite jeans for a more urban style.

The difference with the 2nd Skin tank top:

A round collar for more comfort in all seasons and circumstances. 

The perfect eco-responsible basic!

Bring versatility, lightness and comfort to your wardrobe with the Tank-T, available now.

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